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Lori Wasserman, PH.D., ABPdN             

21301 Powerline Road

Boca Raton, Florida 33434   









Dr. Wasserman completed her doctorate at Hofstra University in 1982. Her combined degree was in School /Clinical Psychology coupled with a one year internship in pediatric neuropsychology and clinical psychology at the Astor Child Guidance Center in New York City.


She is listed in the National Register Of Health Service Providers


She is currently the Managing Partner Of Wasserman And Drucker P.A. a comprehensive mental health practice located in Boca Raton Florida.


Dr. Wasserman is licensed in Florida and New York.


She was the Senior Psychologist of the Early Intervention Program assessment system specializing in assessment and intervention planning for children aged 0-3 who demonstrated neurodevelopmental disorders.


Dr. Wasserman sees children from the ages of 0 – 18, with a full range of medical and developmental anomalies. She is particularly interested in attentional and learning disorders and their impact on school functioning, atypical developmental delays, seizures, and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Wasserman’s practice focuses on the psychological adjustment of the children and their families to these neuropsychological disorders.


She has published papers or presented workshops on children’s attention, language and executive function, behavior management and cognitive behavior therapy.


Dr. Wasserman is a member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the American Psychological Association.